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Let’s Get Into Orbyt

BitOrb – Let’s Get Into Orbyt

We’re all aware of the volatility associated with the cryptocurrency industry in the past which has been visible across the board from the market leaders to the newer projects. Today the debate continues over the used cases for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology in general; and the critics continue to ask questions; What is the value behind cryptocurrencies? Is bitcoin really a credible store of value? Is bitcoin even a medium of exchange? I can’t pay for a beer at my local with it. And while all these concerns are not completely dull-witted, there is one thing that is harder to dispute in this space and that is cryptocurrencies used case as a crowd fundraising tool.

So what is the all the buzz about security tokens?

We believe they are the next wave in the cryptocurrency and token offering space. The key difference between security tokens and “utility tokens” is that the security tokens are backed by an external asset such as revenue or profit or even equity and debt. Security tokens also tend to replicate traditional securities as the name sounds and as a result tend to be regulated under the security law in their relevant jurisdiction — which actually is a good thing for the investors and traders alike as there is regulatory oversight over the company.

BitOrb is proud to have launched our very own security token called the Orbyt Token.

Created by a team of forward-thinkers who understand the market well, the Orbyt Token is a result of combining various innovations and which have yet to be paralleled in the security token market. With our team members’ combined expertise and experience, we are well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the derivatives exchange market and the security token market .

3rd June: BitOrb’s core team sharing a laugh at the launch of

So what are the benefits of the Orbyt token?

Firstly, you get 30% discount on trading fees on our soon-to-be-launched derivatives exchange platform, that will make our fee highly competitive compared to other leading crypto derivatives exchanges out there.

Secondly, you get your share of profit when the exchange makes a profit. The profit-sharing figure is audited and is transparent. Plus, you get to enjoy regular updates on the profit share.

All users can enjoy these benefits when they hold atleast a minimum of 100 Orbyt Tokens in their Orbyt wallet and complete the relevant KYC/AML check on our exchange. This is known as the “Preferred Status” on our exchange.

What’s more is that the members of the “Preferred Status” get to enjoy access the Orchestrator —

our very own automated strategy maker. You don’t have to be a trading maestro to use the Orchestrator (more on this when our exchange launches).

At BitOrb, our aim is to be transparent, regulated and intuitive.

We’re safe, secure, fast and simple. We’re all about creating a revolutionary cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and to be the pioneer in the security token market.

Architected using a high-performance, low latency technology stack that delivers microsecond performance able to handle throughput of more than 10,000 orders per second on a single server. BitOrb is built to scale and handle the high demands of an online derivatives exchange.

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