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A crypto derivatives exchange that is transparent, regulated and intuitive.

Why BitOrb?

BitOrb is an innovative Crypto Currency Derivatives exchange. With micro-second latency for high frequency trading and the most competitive fee structure in the market.
Orbyt is the native token of the BitOrb Exchange. This exchange token aims to provide its users one of the best value propositions available in the market.
For the first time ever, the users will benefit from an in-built automated trading strategy tool.
The exchange aims to make all relevant disclosures to its users and regulators alike, so that our users can trade with a peace of mind.
BitOrb is a very, very fast derivatives exchange with load-tested transaction speeds of 10,000 per second.
BitOrb has its own native token orbyt, in which holders can gain both discount on trading fees, and benefit from profit sharing in the exchange’s net profit.

BitOrb’s vision is to be the number one crypto derivatives exchange in the world. In keeping with that in sight, we developed and built the entire exchange from the ground-up, addressing all the legacy and regulatory issues faced by most platforms and white labels.

Benefits of
the preferred status

To enjoy the benefits of the preferred status all you need to do is hold 100 Orbyt tokens in your exchange wallet

30% Discount on Trading fee

You enjoy 30% discount on our standard taker fee as a Preferred member


The Company will share its profits with all Preferred members holding Orbyt Tokens

Access to orchestrator

For the first time ever, traders can make automated executable strategies using the Orchestrator